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1Malaysia roundtable goes live tomorrow - Najib Razak

1Malaysia roundtable goes live tomorrow

By Sunday June 12th, 2011 No Comments

KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak is looking forward to the online 1Malaysia Roundtable going live tomorrow to get fresh ideas and potential solutions from the Rakyat.

“I hope all of us will take this opportunity to come together and produce ideas and creative solutions.

“Do inform your family and friends so that we can get as many suggestions as possible,” he said in his latest blog posting.

“Take a seat at the 1Malaysia Roundtable.”

Najib said the online 1Malaysia Roundtable would allow all Malaysians, regardless of geographic location, profession or age, to provide fair and constructive comments, suggestions or ideas to better the lives of the people.

The areas to be discussed include the economy, national unity, health, youth activity and sports.

The roundtable would be moderated by some of the most respected and celebrated individuals of the nation, Najib said.

The prime minister said that he had over the past month told his office to engage a number of Malaysians who are recognised as icons or role models in their respective fields, including a few based overseas.

Najib said these subject matter experts would join him in guiding participants through various discussions and in gathering ideas for review and consideration.

“These SMEX are committed to shed some light on issues, share their time and experience to help you shape your ideas, and finally present to me the key highlights of your discussion for further study or consideration for implementation,” he said.

Najib said he had also scheduled a special session to meet the 1Malaysia Roundtable SMEX and would tweet more about it in due course.

Source : Borneo Post Online

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