1Malaysia Measures

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I have previously described 1Malaysia and its eight values, from acceptance to perseverance. I would now like to focus beyond the concept, and share with you details of a selection of measures introduced to ensure the realisation of the 1Malaysia vision.

You may have heard about our new 1Malaysia Clinics. You may even have used one, know someone who has used one or know about one in your area. In summary, these are community clinics for the people, intended so that every Malaysian has quick and easy access to affordable healthcare (treatment is available for RM1).  No longer should the urban poor feel excluded from basic medical services. To date, more than 100,000 people with basic medical complaints have received treatment from the 50 1Malaysia Clinics launched since the end of 2009.

Moving on from personal health to the upkeep of buildings, a RM37.6 million 1Malaysia Maintenance Fund was launched at the end of last month. Of this amount, RM20 million is to be allocated by the Government. The purpose of this fund is simple: to finance the maintenance of low-cost homes constructed by the private sector in Kuala Lumpur. Such work may include general repairs, repainting buildings and lift maintenance (fund guidelines will be issued in March).

Those of you who do not have a normal retirement savings scheme can now take advantage of the new 1Malaysia Retirement Savings Scheme (apply here). This commenced in January 2010 to allow individuals without a fixed monthly income, from farmers to taxi drivers, better financial security later in life.

Younger readers pursuing excellence in their studies may meanwhile be interested in the 1Malaysia student discount card obtainable from KTMB. The card offers a 50% discount on long-distance train fares. University students can also apply for a Streamyx Cool UNI broadband package, which includes a netbook, offered by Telekom Malaysia in collaboration with the Government.

The list doesn’t end there. For now, I would like to hear from you. Have you used any of the 1Malaysia initiatives described above? Please share your thoughts by submitting a comment.

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