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1Malaysia Is A Work In Progress, Says PM - Najib Razak

1Malaysia Is A Work In Progress, Says PM

By Friday September 17th, 2010 No Comments

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 17 (Bernama) — Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said the 1Malaysia concept is a work in progress which will achieve its objectives with the support and commitment from all segments of society.

He stressed that the 1Malaysia concept and the government transformation programme (GTP) were ongoing processes.

The 1Malaysia concept introduced last year, he said, could not be realised overnight.

“I wish to explain here that what the government has done is just the beginning of what what we hope to achieve in the years ahead.

“I don’t like the notion that when something did not work, people will say “oh 1Malaysia is not working.” That is not right. I want to say that it (1Malaysia) is a work in progress, and we need the full commitment from all Malaysians to achieve its objectives,” he said in his keynote address during the closing of the “Living in a Multi-Ethnic Society” seminar organised by the 1 Malaysia Foundation here Friday.

The one-day seminar was also attended by Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon and 1Malaysia Foundation chairman Dr Chandra Muzaffar.

At the same time, Najib also called on Malaysians to subject themselves to the “1Malaysia Test” if faced with any racial issues.

He said the test required them to first ask themselves what their stand would be if a certain ethnic issue had an impact on a particular ethnic goup or religion.

They could also ask themselves questions like: Will this improve racial harmony or cause hatred against my own race or will this bring about greater understanding among the various races and improve national unity, or otherwise?

“I often feel that each group or individual and all institutions which are influential in society, should subject themselves to this “1Malaysia Test” if faced with any racial issue wherever they are,” he said.

He said there was a great possibility a more conducive atmosphere for unity and harmony in the country could be achieved if every one who had influence in society realised how their words and actions impacted others, and towards this end, they might want to do the “1Malaysia Test” first.

Touching on the role of politicians, Najib said irrespective of their backgrounds, they should also champion national unity as outlined in the 1Malaysia concept.

“Let’s not talk or act in a way that will cause national unity and respect for each other to erode. Do not adopt an extreme attitude,” he said, adding that they (politicians) should also refrain from touching on or raise issues that could hurt the feelings of others.

Speaking to reporters later, Najib said the 1Malaysia Milk Pogramme to be lauched next month would help build a a new generation of Malaysians who were more healthy and mentally agile as it aimed to form the habit of drinking milk among school students.

“The objective of this programme is to create a stronger, healthier, mentally fitter and dynamic younger Malaysians of tomorrow,” he said.

Besides ensuring the children received adequate protein and calcium nutrition, the programme would also help improve the income of livestock breeders in Sabah, which would the supplier of the milk for the programme, he added.

Source : Bernama

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