100 Days and Beyond

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It has been just over 100 days since I was sworn in as and bestowed the responsibilities of Malaysia’s Sixth Prime Minister. We have arrived at a challenging juncture where we all must play a role in escalating our nation to become a fully developed nation. I believe we have started positively and would like to thank you for your continued involvement and active interest in moving our country forward together.

In the first 100 days of my administration we have embarked on several initiatives:

• Opened a deep and wide national discussion about the importance of 1Malaysia; a recognition that we are stronger as a nation when we come together.

• Injected an unprecedented stimulus into our economy for the period 2009 -2010 to boost the domestic economy by sustaining and generating jobs, helping businesses, creating better housing and spurring long-term growth.

• Identifying and implementing a new economic model for Malaysia to make that leap from a middle-income to a higher-income nation that focuses on higher value outputs and work skills in pursuit of a fully developed nation status. This includes opening up parts of our economy to new foreign investment, positioning Malaysia to be a home for high value jobs and an important global player in finance, tourism and the services sector, amongst others.

A progressive rollout on Malaysia’s international relations. We have begun a new round of discussions to strengthen our relationships with China, the new administration in the United States and our partners throughout ASEAN.

• Instituted a review of the ISA to ensure its effectiveness in counteracting real security threats, while respecting the rights of those who play by the rules and abide by the law.

• Introduced new accountability and transparency measures in government and politics through new Key Performance Indicators and online tools to reinforce my commitment to delivery and a political process that puts the public interest above political or personal interests.

Last Saturday, marking my 100th day in office, I announced several new measures and steps aimed at improving the quality of life for Malaysians, as we continue our efforts to make good on a promise made first on April 3rd 2009: People First, Performance Now. I have announced that we will detail out the National Key Result Areas and National Key 

Performance Indices in six areas, namely crime prevention, tackling corruption, increasing public access to quality and affordable education, improving the quality of life for the poor, upgrading rural infrastructure and upgrading the public transportation system in the medium-term. This is an affirmation of the government’s commitment towards increased accountability so that decisions at the highest level are implemented into our processes and administrative system in an effective and timely manner.

Let us continue to play our own roles in making these a success without forgetting that there is also great deal more to do. We all share this opportunity and our actions will underpin the choices we make moving forward.

We have only just begun this journey of the transformation of Malaysia. And in the coming weeks, months and years we will face many difficult choices about our nation’s future. My commitment is that we must all accept and adapt to the changing domestic and global trends, not just to assemble new policies but the right policies.

I choose to be confident about Malaysia’s future, knowing that the talent, skill and ideas of all our people will help us succeed in a competitive 21st century economy.

I continue to find opportunities and engage the Rakyat further. The blog, comments and videos responses and walkabouts are some of the initial actions of more initiatives to come.

And I firmly believe – more than ever – in the importance of 1Malaysia. I have seen strong support for a united Malaysia in my visits around the country and in the postings on this site. Yes, there are differences between us all, and yet we must celebrate the many cultures and backgrounds that give Malaysia its uniqueness. But I know that the ideals and aspirations for the future we share are far deeper than our differences. I say ‘yes’ to 1Malaysia and ‘no’ to the divisiveness that is more about scoring political points than taking our country forward.

Thank you for joining me on this great national journey. Let’s keep working together for the next 100 days and the beyond. For 1Malaysia, where people come first.

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